Systems running Linux 2.6.16 or later have built-in TIPC kernel software. The TIPC utilities package that is used to configure and manage TIPC on your system is also included with some Linux distributions.

If your system is missing either or both of these components — or if you simply wish to use a later version of TIPC — you may be able to upgrade your system using the software packages listed below. Please be sure to use only software that corresponds to the Linux kernel version of your system.

A TIPC test suite application and a set of TIPC demo applications are also available. These applications are included as part of the TIPC utilities package, beginning with version 1.1.8. Prior to this, they were packaged separately.

TIPC 2.0
TIPC 1.7

TIPC 1.6
TIPC 1.5.12
TIPC 1.4.3