The TIPC project team supports users through its mailing list. Please follow the recommended guidelines listed below when sending a post.

Asking Questions

Questions about TIPC are welcome. You'll often get a response within one working day, however if people are busy (or on a different holiday schedule in their part of the world) it may take longer.

caution icon Please check the following areas before sending your question to ensure that the answer isn't already available.

Reporting Bugs

If you think you've found a bug with TIPC, check the TIPC change history to see if the problem has already been identified and fixed; if you don't see your problem listed, then check the TIPC bug tracker to see if you can find it listed there. If you still don't find your problem, send an email to the TIPC mailing list to notify the project team.

caution icon User problems are frequently due to misunderstandings about TIPC's capabilities and how to utilize them, rather than actual bugs in TIPC itself, so please don't create a bug report until the project team agrees its a bug.

Once the project team confirms that your issue is a legitimate bug, you can raise a bug report on the bug tracker. Be sure to provide a complete description of the problem, including:

Remember that high quality information about your problem makes it easier for the project team to assist you!

Requesting Enhancements

Suggestions for enhancements that will improve TIPC are welcome.

As for other types of support, you should email your idea to the TIPC project team for their consideration; if they agree that it's a reasonable idea, they'll ask you to create a new item on the TIPC bug tracker (except that it will be recorded as an "enhancement" rather than a "bug"). In some cases, they may also be able to suggest alternative approaches that will allow you get the results you'd like to see using your current software.

caution icon Remember that TIPC is an open source project, so there is no guarantee that your request will be implemented in the near future (or at all). The best way to ensure your enhancement idea is realized is to become a contributor to TIPC and implement it yourself! (See the following section for guidelines on making contributions.)

Submitting Patches

Please read the TIPC Patch Submission guide for information on how to create and submit a patch for TIPC.