This list reflects changes that have been made to Linux TIPC 1.x releases. Changes of particular significance are shown in bold.

caution icon Many of these entries apply to all open source TIPC implementations, since they utilize a common code base.

Information on changes to Linux TIPC 2.x releases can be found by searching the kernel's git log for the keyword "tipc:".

TIPC 1.7.7
TIPC 1.7.6
TIPC 1.7.5
TIPC 1.7.4
TIPC 1.7.3
caution icon This release is not interoperable with previous TIPC 1.7 releases! TIPC 1.7.2
TIPC 1.7.1
TIPC 1.6.4 (available in kernel 2.6.27)
TIPC 1.6.3 (available in kernel 2.6.26)
TIPC 1.6.2 (available in kernel 2.6.19)
TIPC 1.6.1 (available in kernel 2.6.18)
TIPC 1.6.0 (available in kernel 2.6.16)
TIPC 1.5.12
TIPC 1.5.11
TIPC 1.5.10
TIPC 1.5.9
TIPC 1.5.8
TIPC 1.5.7
TIPC 1.5.6
TIPC 1.5.5
TIPC 1.5.4