caution icon Documents written for Linux TIPC can often be utilized (at least in part) for any TIPC implementation, since much of the content is not Linux-specific.

Title Version Description Format
TIPC 2.0 Protocol Specification 13 February 2014 This document specifies protocol version 2.0 of TIPC.  HTML icon   text icon
TIPC 1.7 Message Format Reference v1.7.7
08 Feb 2011
This document briefly outlines the format of the messages used by TIPC 1.7, with emphasis on the placement of fields within the TIPC message header. HTML icon   text icon
TIPC Porting Guide v1.7.5
04 Dec 2007
This document outlines the steps involved in porting TIPC to a new operating system. It also indicates how the existing Linux and VxWorks versions of TIPC can be utilized to make the job easier. HTML icon   text icon
TIPC 1.5/1.6 Protocol Specification 30 May 2006 This document is an incomplete and unapproved specification, and does not reflect the implementation of TIPC 1.5/1.6.  Some features described in the document were not implemented, while others were implemented differently from the design described here. HTML icon   text icon